“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,”

Ephesians 3:20

Many times in life we expect things to happen by a certain time — usually our own. When those things do not happen when we want them to or when we feel they should, we get discouraged and our faith waivers. We sit and wonder if God really heard us, and sometimes we even dare to wonder if God really cares about us. The answer to that is YES, He DOES hear us and He DOES care, which is why He doesn’t always do things in our timing. God sees the bigger picture and He works to cause all things to work together for the good of all involved. So even though it may seem like it isn’t going to get better, it will! With God, all things get better. God has better for you, sis!

Don’t be discouraged by what didn’t happen in the time you thought it would. Yes, you were praying, fasting and believing God to move in your favor.. but guess what? He did! He heard your prayers, counted your tears and saw your faith! Trust that it is NOT going unnoticed, despite how it may seem. Though He saw you, He also saw that you would have been settling if He allowed you to have that, and He doesn’t want that for you. He does not want you to settle. He wants so much for you, which will always be His best.

God does nothing short of spectacular, so when He blesses you, it’ll be beyond what you expect! Not only will it be what you asked for, it will also be what you need. When God does that thing in your life, it’ll push you toward your destiny instead of pulling you away.Trust God  with your heart and your wildest faith. It is NOT going unnoticed, despite how it may feel. I pray that God secures your faith in Him by reassuring you of His faithfulness and commitment to you. I also pray that we give God the room to fully operate His will in our lives according to His timing, and not our own.

I believe God is not only preparing the blessing for you, but He is also preparing you for the blessing. When you get to it, you’ll see why there was a wait♥

What’s Coming is Better than What’s Been!

God bless you, my sister!