“And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid.”

Mark 5:15


The message that was preached this past Sunday talked about how a man who had many demons was made whole again in the presence of Jesus. This passage points out how this man was wild and could not be tamed by any man and that he cut himself with stones. It doesn’t say how long this man was possessed and lived like this, but one thing that can be understood is that those around him grew comfortable with him being that way, so much so that they were afraid when they saw him clothed and in his right mind. The preacher said something in the message that stuck with me: “sometimes you’re so used to the abnormal that the normal makes you afraid”. That statement  made me think of how true that is for us as people.

We see someone/something in a certain state for so long that it becomes normal for us. Though the circumstances are different, we can still identify with those individuals because we eventually grow comfortable to that situation or individual being that way, because “that’s how its been”. Then when the circumstance changes for the better by the hand of God, we get skeptical and start to freak out. We freak out so much because we forgot what life was like without the overwhelming stress, headache, and frustration, to the point that we begin to miss it. Why? Because we became comfortable with the dysfunction in our lives.

Beloved, we must remember that it is not God’s will for us to live in chaos or to have a life rooted in fear, stress, anxiety or poor relationships. The bible tells us that we are wished to be “prosperous and be in health even as thy soul prospereth”( 3 John 2) and that Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly( John 10:10).


I know it may be scary to let go of what you’ve always known, what’s safe, what’s comfortable, but we have to let go in order to receive. We won’t ever be able to receive better from God if we are still holding on to old things.  Growth will never happen in us and around us if we are still weighed down by the dysfunctional things we love. If you feel that you can’t let it go, ask God to help you and to give you the strength that’s needed to lay it at His feet and leave it there. God wants us to continue to grow in Him and not be stagnant or comfortable where we are. We must stretch our faith to reach what God has for us.

I pray that God helps us to recognize those things that are dysfunctional in our lives, including where they come from. I pray that God begins a work in our hearts by stirring up a desire for only those things that will lead us and establish us in His Kingdom, His truth, and in His righteousness. I also pray that God helps us to remember that He is our present help in our time of trouble, that He is our rescue and our way of escape. Let God change your desire from dysfunction to destiny! Be encouraged to know that things are going to change! ♥


God bless you! ♥