“A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.”

Ezekiel 36:26

As we experience life, we all have hurts, pains and heartaches that leave scars. Overtime, the scars become larger and leave us with deeper, untreated wounds due to more life pain. The untreated scars eventually cause our hearts to become hidden behind the many layers of pain that has not been dealt with, just covered up. In an effort to protect ourselves, we build up this resistance to those around us and block people out– including God.

One way we block out those around us is by detaching yourself from certain emotions and feelings due to unsuccessful past experiences. If “protected” for too long, our hearts are encased in this lifeless, emotionless state that causes us to miss out on the healing that we so desperately need. We soon forget what our true heart looks like. When we reach that point, we need God to intervene and tell us who, what, when and why have we guarded our hearts like this, and what were we expecting that was not fulfilled.

I’ve recently began praying for God to show me why I felt a certain way about someone I once was close to, and He revealed to me that it was because I held un forgiveness in my heart toward them. I was so surprised because I thought that my heart was free of things like un forgiveness since I make every effort to live a life representative of Christ in every way. I began writing, and in that I began to understand why I held that emotion for so long. It was during that process that I began to see my heart for what God created it to be, and not what was seen through the lens of hurt and pain.
I want to encourage you that although you may have had many unpleasant life experiences that have caused your heart to become stacked with scar tissue, know that’s not who you truly are. You are not the problem. The problem is receiving the healing that God has for your heart and soul. Know that the heart God has given you is waiting to be unveiled from under the pain.


I pray that we seek God about what life experiences have scarred our hearts and that we ask God to help us heal from those scars. I pray that we not only ask God to heal us, but that we give God the space and authority to search, reveal and heal those pains in our heart, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. I pray that once God heals us that we guard our hearts from the enemy and his schemes to steal our healing in Jesus name!


Let God in to your heart today, and let Him reveal the true heart that He has given you! ❤


God bless you! ❤