“And the maiden pleased him, and she obtained kindness of him; and he speedily gave her her things for purification, with such things as belonged to her, and seven maidens, which were meet to be given her,….  (for so were the days of their purifications accomplished, to wit, six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with sweet odours, and with other things for the purifying of the women;)”

Esther 2:9,12

We all have hopes, dreams and different aspirations. Though we understand that those things won’t come to pass overnight, we still somehow manage to get frustrated during the process of living out that dream or aspiration. We want what we desire, and we want it NOW! Trust me, I know, because I still do that myself for some things. It gets difficult to keep “waiting” until that change comes, but know that it truly isn’t a waste of time. See, you’re not just waiting; you are PREPARING and are being prepared for what you ask for.

Granted, some things in life that happen are NOT what we ask for, but God knows it is needed for us and those around us. Esther, for example, didn’t sit around hoping, dreaming or praying to save her people one day, but the entire duration of her life was preparing her to be used mightily by God. During the time of preparation, it isn’t always rose bushes and sunshine. There are many days/nights that are filled with endless questions, concerns and even doubt. I would imagine that during Esther’s time of preparation to meet with the king she was nervous, concerned and unsure about how things would turnout. Though those things arise, we must remember that where we are in route to that desire, dream or aspiration is being used by God to prepare us for what we asked for according to His purposeful plan for our lives so that we will be ready to receive when God releases it.

Whether you have or are asking God to prepare you to be a wife, mother, of certain professional status or even for a new job, know that you won’t be given something prematurely. If so, you may mismanage it once it’s received. It takes time to build an appreciation and care for things. I know that it is difficult, but trust God to be with you during this time of preparation. Think of the countless blessings that God has given you along the way and even those to come. Most importantly, be reminded daily of the greatest blessing about where you are: it allows you to become closer to Jesus than you once was.

No matter how long your time of preparation is, know that every second of it is indeed necessary for where God is taking you and what He has awaiting you. My prayer is that God helps us to appreciate the process because it isn’t just something to go through, but it is something that we are allowed to GROW through. I pray that God makes our heart tender toward Him in that time, and that He allows us to be strengthened by His Spirit.I pray that we learn to trust God’s judgement for our lives in all things. I pray that while we are in preparation, God opens our eyes to see His hand working all things together for our good regarding His promise. I also pray that God helps us to always ALWAYS remember that He has not forgotten about us, and that He hears every prayer that we lift to Him.


Take time to prepare!
God bless you! ♥