“Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.”

2 Corinthians 9:10

When you have a heart to be a blessing, God will provide opportunities for you to be a blessing. When you want to keep everything for yourself, you won’t have enough. The Bible is true in saying “it is more blessed to give than receive”. I feel that God has given me a heart to give, which is a blessing, but sometimes I don’t see it as such because I just want to give, give, give- even when I know I don’t have it to give. That sometimes causes me to be sad that I give so freely, but I feel that this morning, God has helped me to see the blessing in that: He gave me a desire to give because He’s made me a sower!!

When you sow seeds into others( hope, encouragement, money, time, etc.), God will ALWAYS provide for you to be a sower! That encouraged my heart this morning, and I pray that it does the same for you! Don’t be saddened by the fact that you like to give; REJOICE! And then pray for wisdom on when and how to give to others. God wants to bless His people, and when He gives someone a heart to sow, He’ll use them to do so! I pray that if you are a sower, that you find encouragement in the fact that you’ve been given provision to sow! And if you aren’t a sower or would like to give more, I pray that you will allow God to touch your heart to desire to give more.

I pray that you look for an opportunity today to be able to sow something positive into someone’s life.

Pray with me: “Lord, thank You for Your principle of giving. Thank You for what You’ve placed in my heart to give. I pray that You help me to never give grudgingly of my time, money, etc., but to give with JOY because You’ve given seed to the sower, meaning You’ve given me seed because You know that I’ll sow! Thank You for that confidence in me. Help me to find an opportunity to sow into someone’s life today in some way. In Jesus name,amen. ”

God bless you, dear ♥️