“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

-Galatians 6:9

Life is hard sometimes, and sometimes it seems that it’s even harder walking with God. Sometimes things don’t go as plan, we don’t always finish what we start, or don’t start at all, and that can be dampening to our spirit. I want to remind you of something: God knew before the foundation of the world all that you would be at every point in your life, and He already knew all of your successes, failures, and shortcomings. That didn’t stop Him from creating you, calling you, and setting you apart, and it surely didn’t stop Him from loving you. So when the going gets tough in life and you feel disappointed by your shortcomings, hang in there and know that you are loved by the Almighty God.

When He thinks of you, He has nothing but good thoughts and Has a made up mind about you( Jeremiah 29:11)! Any thoughts you have that are contrary to the love that God has for you are NOT from our Heavenly Father! When you’re feeling down, turn to the word of God and remind yourself of who you are in Christ, even WITH your shortcomings.

If God gave you an idea, He gave you an anointing to do it. If He gave you a purpose, He gave you grace to get to it. All that God gives you will be fulfilled as long as you stay connected to Him. He is your strength, so hang in there with God when you feel like you’re not measuring up. Everything you’re not, He is, so know that you’re whole in Christ.

God loves you so much, dearly beloved, and He has great things for you-STILL! ❤️