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God is Fighting for You! — February 5, 2018

God is Fighting for You!


“I will not drive them out from before thee in one year; lest the land become desolate, and the beast of the field multiply against thee. By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land.”

Exodus 23:29-30

A few weeks ago, my pastor’s son-in-law preached a message about how it’s much more of a blessing than we realize when things don’t happen as swiftly as we’d like them to. From that subject, he explained that even though we get frustrated with situations, habits, and circumstances that haven’t changed even after we’ve prayed about them, we can rejoice, for there’s a blessing there. The blessing in that is that God is giving us time to grow and become strong. I’m not sure about you,but certain things that I have prayed about for quite some time have not changed, and they now feel like my enemy!! Well, in Exodus 23:29-30, God clearly says that He isn’t going to drive the enemy out all at once because something else may rise up against us. When we are going through and struggling with some things, we oftentimes wish, hope and pray that they would just go away all at once because we feel tired! Am I right? Do you just get to a place where you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same thing? Lord knows I have!!! One thing that was pointed out and that I also noticed during that sermon was that God was saying that He would do this and He would that through that passage( exodus 23:29-33), but then He says in verse 31 that “thou shalt drive them out”. God gave me enlightenment through that passage of how He is giving us time to grow by Him fighting for us!

I share this with you today to encourage you that GOD IS FIGHTING FOR YOU AND HE IS MAKING YOU STRONG RIGHT NOW! Right where you are- in the midst of that heartache, disappointment, despair, hurt, confusion, and the feeling of isolation, God is fighting for you and is allowing you to gain strength in Him. He tells us that when we are weak, He is our strength. When we feel hopeless, He is the Hope that lies within us and keeps us going. When we feel broken, He is the One who makes us whole and complete.  He knows what you can handle and He knows your limitations. However, He wants to remind you that although you may have limits, He has none! There is no weakness in Him and no shadow of turning! You may be tired, but know that you can find rest in Him. You may feel like quitting, but know that He will carry you to the end! I’m reminded of a scripture that says ” Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit”( Ecclesiastes 7:8).  Things may be challenging right now, and if so, REJOICE! Know that if it is challenging, it’s because a new beginning is coming forth!


If He said that He will be with you, that He won’t leave you, that He will fight for you, you can count on that! Unlike men, God holds to His promise, and He will see us through until the very end! When you’re weak in your mind, God is your strength. When you feel like you can’t continue on, God is your strength, and He carries you through! The weakness of God, if He had any, is stronger than the strength of men because He is Almighty, All powerful, and able to do all that we can ask or think! Don’t let the devil make you believe that God isn’t with you because He is!!! Anytime the devil says that you are something, you can confidently say that you are NOT what he said because you know that the devil is a liar and the father of lies. He doesn’t have the ability to tell the truth, but we know that what Jesus says is truth because He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! His words bring life into your soul! My prayer for you today, beloved, is that you remember that you are not alone, that God is fighting for you even when you don’t feel or see it, and that He is with you every step of the way!

“Little by little” This is what stood out to me during that message. As the preacher said, when things don’t seem to be changing, give God praise and thank God for it because He’s allowing it to happen little by little so that you can gain strength to fight on your own and overtake the enemy!

Move forward this week knowing that God is fighting for you!



“Little. by. little”

God bless you ♥


Keep GOING! — October 18, 2017


“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.””Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” 

Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 41:10

Who loves to move? I don’t know too many people who do, but I can’t say that I’m one. Moving can be so frustrating and overwhelming: you have you pick up and move all of your things that you had placed and settled, take them to a very unfamiliar place, and work to make this new place home again. Most of the time, we move to a better place than we were previously, but that still doesn’t erase the fact that the packing and moving part isn’t fun. Even though we don’t like it, we pack up our things each time, knowing that things will ultimately settle down and be at ease again. The reality is that moving is so uncomfortable, but it’s always necessary for growth, right?

I think we can say the same thing about our spiritual lives.When it’s time for us to move to a higher place in God, we get so frustrated and uncomfortable, so tired and are ready to just stay where we were because there’s so much that comes with packing and moving. One big portion of moving is the unfamiliarity. Even though we know that what God is doing will always work out for our good, we strongly dislike it because it doesn’t feel good to us in that moment. We feel out of our element because what we were once good at is now so trivial. God is calling us higher, raising us to a new standard and place in Him, and we don’t like it. Trust me, I get it! We all reach this point when God wants to expose us to a new place in Him, but we struggle with letting go of the familiar.

No matter how good it may seem to stay where you are with the things that you know, don’t be deceived. We have to remember that the enemy only comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and nothing more. Satan  is the father of lies, and no truth ever comes from him. When we’re being positioned( prepared)  to be moved from one place to another in God, the devil tries to come in and  give every reason we should unpack and not  go where God is calling us to. See, the devil can be so convincing in some of the things he tells us because it seems so close to the truth, but that’s when we have to know what the Word identifies us as, and see how it compares to what Satan is saying. Though it seems like he’s telling us the truth about why we shouldn’t, couldn’t, and won’t,  we have to remember that the devil, the world or anyone in it( including yourself) cannot change God’s mind about how He sees you and where He wants you. 

If God is calling you higher, it’s for a reason. If He’s urging you to do more(pray, read, fast, etc.), it’s for a reason that’s beyond you. God is trying to prepare you for your next move. What the Lord is doing in those times is answering your prayer of making you to be all that He purposed you to be… and the truth is that it’s uncomfortable sometimes, but I encourage you to KEEP GOING! Though it’s uncomfortable, keep pressing! Though it’s frustrating, keep PUSHING! If you’re frustrated with yourself( it happens!), PUSH BEYOND YOURSELF! Pray a little longer than usual! Worship louder than normal! Praise God harder than ever! Growth is never easy going. That’s why it’s called growing pains!   If you don’t know how to move forward in reaching the place that God is calling you to, ask Him. He’ll guide you, help you, and strengthen you. He’s already equipped you with what you need to move to the next level; you just have to put it to action with your faith. God has given to each one of us a measure of faith, which means that God has already given us the ability to trust and believe in Him to carry us to that destined point. God has confidence in you, and now it’s time to let your confidence in Him arise and go forth! He won’t lead you astray, only to destiny!

My prayer is that God helps us to recognize when He is calling and moving us to a new place in Him,that we don’t get frightened by the next level, but that we trust Him with every step, knowing that He is alongside us as we’re going deeper in Him. I pray that God also helps us to be confident that when we are weak, God is strong in us, and that He will be there to strengthen us as we seek Him. Above all, my prayer is that God helps us to KEEP GOING even when everything around us — and that lie within us– tells us not to. I pray that we trust God’s will for us and that He is faithful to finish the work that He has begun in each one of us.


You’re going to make it, my sister! KEEP GOING! ♥


Let what He has Done Encourage You — September 27, 2017

Let what He has Done Encourage You

“And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.”

1 Samuel 30:6

In life, we face so many challenges, some bigger than others and some easier than others. Like a rubber band, we can usually snap back in place seemingly unaffected and move on with life. Then  we face a trial or circumstance that is beyond what we’re used to and it weighs heavily on us, to the point where it almost destroys us. It is in that moment that we are at our weakest, most vulnerable state, and we often wonder if we’ll make it through. We see all that things aren’t going as we’d hope and begin to get discouraged. In the thick of your discouragement, do you ever think of what God has done?  My question to you is: has God ever failed you? Has God ever given up on you? You are here by the grace and mercy of the living God, the One who is Unchanging and always faithful. If He made a way for you to get through it before, He’ll make a way for you again!

We too often hear that ‘God is able’ and ‘God will’, but do we really believe it? Do we really believe that God will bring us out? Do we really believe that God can make a way out of this mess? Before the fire we do; our faith is higher than the highest mountain top, but in the fire, our faith quickly dwindles and sometimes burns out. Sometimes we feel that we can’t go on, that God has forgotten about us and/ or that we aren’t reachable anymore. When we are in the midst of situations that are too great for us and are overwhelming, we have to look to the word of God for our solution. The devil attacks us in those times by telling us that we aren’t, we can’t and that we won’t. However, the bible says that we can and we will by the Spirit of the Lord ( Zechariah 4:6)! The bible says that “the Lord‘s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear”( Isaiah 59:1) and that “the Lord remembers us and will bless us:”( Psalm 115:12).

The truth is that sometimes when we need encouragement, it’s not around. Our closest friends aren’t near and our pastor isn’t able to talk with us at 2 a.m. Sometimes, it’s just us, God and the lies of the enemy filling our head. What do we do when we don’t have the words to say because we’re feeling so low? Where do we go? What do we do?  The answer is in the  Word! The Word of God has an answer for everything that we feel, face and struggle with. Just like David, we find ourselves surrounded by people who want to harm us physically, emotionally or mentally, but it seems that we don’t have a place of refuge near. Instead of harping on the reality that some things are against him, David began to encourage himself in the Lord, meaning David began to remind himself of God’s sovereignty, of the faithfulness that he has seen of God in time’s past and of God’s kept promises. My sweet-hearted sister, we must remember that our refuge is found in God( Psalm 46:1; Psalm 91:2; Psalm 27:5). We have to know that our strength comes from God and not from ourselves or others. God said that when we are weak, He is strong in us( 2 Corinthians 12:9) and that He is there to help us in our time of need. When we begin to wonder where the Lord is, we have to remember that His timing is different from ours, but He never fails to come right on time. The most powerful thing we can do when we are in the storm is remember, so my prayer is that we are remembering truth and are leaving the lies of the enemy under the blood of Jesus!

I want to encourage you today that God knows where you are and He sees you, even though you may feel that He doesn’t. He knows your name and He remembers His promise for your life. In your time of despair and hopelessness, find out what the word says about who God is, who you are to Him and who He is to you. Once you find that, remember those words. Declare those words over yourself as often as you need to so that you will be built up in His truth of who you are and who He is in your situation so that you can stand against the enemy when he comes.

God bless you, my sister! You WILL make it through this, in Jesus’ name! ♥


You Need to Put Me First — August 22, 2017

You Need to Put Me First

You need to put Me first. You are too busy for Me, and your busyness will be your destruction if you do not make Me your first priority again. It saddens me how you try to count your 2-second rushed prayer as sufficient time spent with Me, when you willingly work 8, sometimes 12 hours a day. All I want is to spend time with you, My child. Turn to Me. When you come to Me, you find renewed strength to deal with everything that is on your plate. You can’t do this by yourself. You aren’t strong enough, Daughter. Let Me help you. Let Me be your strength. Let Me be your guide.  I know that you are used to doing life alone or without much help, but those days are over. I am introducing you to a better, easier way: Me. I am your guide. I am your peace. I am your wisdom. I am everything that you need. Just let me help you. As badly as I want to help you, I can’t..I won’t force myself on you, but the sooner you allow Me to help you, the sooner you’ll experience and live in my peace. Give Me My rightful place on the throne of your heart again, Daughter. I desire so much for you, but you are withholding My strong hand because you have shifted your focus from Me to what’s around you and even to your own strength. If you would rather Me to not help you,that’s fine because I gave you the power to choose, but I would love for you to make the right choice. Choose Me today, beloved. Choose me and deny the things that you put before Me. Once you do that, I’ll begin to strengthen you and elevate you to the place that I desire you to be in. Don’t be nervous about what is expected of you in that place. Just know that I am here with you every step of the way. My child, putting Me first may seem difficult at first, but only because you are still desiring the world and the very thing that you need to let go. Holding on isn’t always the best thing to do. It may be hard to let go, but holding on to something I tell you to let go of makes it harder for you to receive of Me and for you to trust Me. Let it go. Trust Me.  Have I ever fallen short of My delivery? No, and I will not begin with you. You are My most prized creation, Daughter, and I plan to give you the absolute best I have, but you have to submit to My way, My teaching, My voice. Listen as I speak to you, as I guide you. I promise, I’m guiding down the path of life and righteousness. I am leading you to the fulfillment of My purpose for your life. All you have to do is put Me first. Remember,there is a reward in obedience. I love you now and forever. You are Mine always. ♥


Be Honest with Yourself — August 18, 2017

Be Honest with Yourself

 “And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.”

Luke 18:13

You have to be honest with yourself. If you broke something, but hide it from the person it belonged to, that’s no good. If you hurt someone’s feelings but try to act as if you didn’t know that your words or actions hurt them, that isn’t good. And if you did wrong by God but cover it up for other’s sake, you’re causing more harm than good. The first step in  growth is to admit or be honest. If you aren’t honest about the issue at hand, you won’t ever change. Covering it up doesn’t make it better. Only when you own up to your mistake will you be in a position to receive the help and grace that you need.

I think about how honest I am with God. I recognized that  I’m more honest at times than others. In the times that I’m not honest with God, I realize that it’s because of shame that I feel from my actions or some part of myself that has yet been made like Christ. I feel disappointed that I behave/thought/felt that way at this point in my spiritual life, but the fact is that I am still being molded by God, and won’t have it all together all at once. I now realize that it’s a transformation process. I say that to say this: it’s okay to admit when you’re wrong. You don’t have to try to save face with anyone, especially not with God. As I’ve said before, God knows you. Inside and out. He knows every thought you think and your way of processing. He knows every good thing about you and ever bitter thing. God takes all of you- just as you are- and He transforms you into what you need to be for Him. He can turn your bitter waters into sweet waters, IF you allow Him to.


God isn’t looking for us to get it right all of the time, but He is expecting us to be honest with Him so that He can effectively use us and make us more like Him. If we are acting like the Pharisees, we feel that we don’t need God because we aren’t as bad as those around us, when in reality, we’re worse! We should be like the publican who recognized his faults before God His Helper. Don’t cast the blame on someone else when you are the one responsible. Don’t be deceived by the devil. We ALL fall short of God’s glory( Romans 3:23), but we all can be redeemed by the hand of the Lord if we would simply be honest with God and ourselves.


The truth hurts sometimes, but the bible said that “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but know that once’s the truth has been spoken from your heart, you’ve made space available for God to come in and work things out in you. God is here to help you and heal you, not hinder you.


My prayer is that God helps us all be honest with ourselves so that we can be honest with Him. I pray that God helps us to see the truth of our hearts, and to allow God the space and time to work on us. Though the truth may be hard, I pray that God helps us get through it with His help. I believe that God wants to help us. The question is who will let Him?

I encourage you to take a moment today and pray with me really quickly:

God, I haven’t been completely honest with You, but I want to start today.  Forgive me for not being truthful with You. Help me to be transparent with You always, and not try to hide anything from You because You see all and You know all. Forgive me for hiding my heart from You. You know all about what’s in my heart, but You still choose to love me. Thank You for loving me still. Lord, I give You the space to change my heart, to take away all of the things I’m used to that have kept me from You. I surrender my whole heart to You. I ask that You give me a heart for what You care about, a heart for the things that touch Yours. Make my heart tender for You, Jesus. I desire to please only You. Help me to commit my heart to You, Lord. Thank You for helping me. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


It’s not over for you, beloved. Your Helper is coming to you!
God bless you! ♥

Do You Mind Waiting On God? — August 11, 2017

Do You Mind Waiting On God?

 And it came to pass, that, when Jesus was returned, the people gladly received him: for they were all waiting for him.

Luke 8:40


Waiting can be tough, right? I mean, you just want one thingAnd God is able to do anything….right? We don’t like it when God tells us to wait because we want whatever it is that we want in that very instant, and not a moment later. What if you knew what God has for you was one hundred times better than what you were asking for? Would you wait for it? What if it met every expectation, in fact, exceeded everything you imagined it to be? Would you still want to wait for it? What if you KNEW that it was the absolute BEST that God could do, and He gave His very best to you? It’d make you feel extra special? Loved in the best way possible, right? Would you still be willing to wait for it?

All too often, we rush God’s process because we have our time frame in mind, an invisible deadline for that answered prayer, which limits God in so many ways. We try to force God to give us what we want and for Him to give us His best, all within the matter of minutes( figuratively). Dearest heart, it doesn’t work like that. When we pray, we have to believe that God hears us, but we also have to allow and trust God to answer that prayer in His timing, not ours. God’s timing is not ours, and it will never be.

It can be hard to wait when we know that God has the capacity to do anything and everything by simply thinking of it. I believe that God makes us to wait for something or an answer to our prayer to do a work in us. We don’t know our hearts as God does, nor what lies ahead, so we have to trust that God has a great reason to make us wait.

The process of waiting isn’t a time of idleness, but a time of preparation on God’s end  and ours. That time is allowing God to strengthen you to stand firm against whatever you’re facing today and preparing you for what is to come. God also uses that time to show us our true selves: lack of patience, selfishness, jealousy, frustration and many other things that may dwell within us that we didn’t know was there. In showing us those things about ourselves, God uses that time to highlight the reality that our need of Him is greater than we thought. God refines us in that time, and while He’s refining us, He’s preparing the answer to that prayer we brought before Him. When it’s all said and done, when God returns, He knocks our socks off! Even though it may have seemed like God has walked away and forgot about our request, I promise He hasn’t. He’s heard all we asked, and has worked so diligently to deliver. When God comes back to your request, stand with joy, expectation and excitement, knowing that He has been at work for you! Be open to receive whatever it is that He presents to you, for you’ll see that it was well worth the wait! ♥


Pray this simple prayer today: Lord, as You are having me to wait, help me to trust that You haven’t forgotten about me. Help me to hold on to my faith in You, and to be fully open to receive whatever it is that You present to me. I surrender to You today, Lord. Your will, Your time. Not mine.  Thank you for this time of preparation. Thank you for every lesson You allow me to learn as I wait.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. ♥





God bless you!




Declare Your Justification! — August 9, 2017

Declare Your Justification!

“Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies.”

Romans 8:33

Has God ever sent you a word of encouragement, but you didn’t believe because you saw the reality in front of you instead of what God said? Have you ever rejected what God said about you because what you see didn’t align with what was said? I know I have. And you know what? When we do that, we show our lack of faith in God and in His confidence that He has in us. Sometimes I wonder why I do that: put my own view over God’s when it comes to me. I believe that we do that because we don’t see what God sees when He sees us. While we see through a lens of condemnation, God sees us through a lens of justification. I think we can sometimes combine the two because we try to justify that we are unworthy, unrighteous and nonredeemable because of condemnation. As we read the word, we find that God does not give us fear, nor does He condemn us( 2 Timothy 1:7; 1 John 4:18[NIV]; Romans 8:1). Condemnation comes from the enemy as a ploy to keep us from walking in faith and being who God says we are.

“Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth”. This means that NO ONE has the right to condemn you– not even you! Yes ,you know you’ve messed up and have fallen, but Jesus knows that as well… and He STILL CHOSE YOU! So, if God chooses you, what gives you the power to overrule God’s verdict? Remember, God declares what’s right (Isaiah 45:19)!

When we mess up, make a bad decision or fall short, the enemy will constantly bring those things before us to keep us from walking in the truth of God’s declaration for our lives. Revelation 12:10,11 says that the accuser of the brethren (the devil) is before God day and night highlighting our faults. However, it tells us that we OVERCOME by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! There’s power in the words we speak, right( Proverbs 18:21) ? So we have to DECLARE the word of God to reinstate God’s truth over our lives. We can’t allow the enemy to dictate our life, our being, or our purpose because he can’t speak any truth! We have to search the word and learn what God says about us and let that become our new reality and our new standard.!

Today, I want to challenge you to challenge the condemnation of the enemy by declaring a few things:

  • that you are an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony ( Revelation 12:11- share God’s victory in your life over the enemy with someone today)
  • Declare that you are the righteousness of God( you are approved of God- 2 Corinthians 5:21)
  • Declare that you have power over the enemy( Luke 10:19)
  • Declare that you are beautiful in God’s sight( Song of Solomon 4, especially v. 8)
  • Declare that your past is gone and you are new in Christ( 2 Corinthians 5:17)


The only way to overcome  the lies, is to learn the truth!


“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”- John 8:32


God bless you! ♥

The forces of Life — August 6, 2017

The forces of Life

 “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” – John 3:8

Sometimes things happen in life that are completely opposite of what we desire. And many times it’s frustrating for us because it keeps happening! This was me recently: frustrated and full of various emotions because I felt like I was forced to do something instead of doing it on my own and in my own timing. The truth of the matter is that I would have never moved from where I was if I hadn’t been forced from that. To be transparent, I have a difficult time letting go and moving from one chapter to the next. I believe that because God knows me as well as He does, He recognizes that and has to be that final push force that gives me no choice but to move from where I am, because if not, He knows that I’d never leave and would probably cause more harm than good to myself. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s like that, and I want to let you know that you aren’t alone in that. However, we have to eventually learn to sever ties, close doors and walk away from people, things or situation sooner rather than later because it becomes costly to leave the longer we wait. The longer we wait to move from that place, the more emveddded fear is into our hearts and minds, and our faith in God begins to falter. We don’t want to falter so we ask God to help us to move, but we expect it to be done how we imagine it. On the contrary my dear! God knows exactly what needs to happen to get us moving toward destiny again instead of being stagnant. 

If you were “forced” from a place/ person or thing, REJOICE!! Rejoice in knowing that you are now moving toward your destiny again, en route to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life! Remember: “and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”! You are God’s chosen, and sometimes He has to be the driving force to keep us moving toward purpose and destiny!

Don’t fight the forces of life because they are carrying you to destiny!
God bless you! ♥️

Preparation — July 31, 2017


“And the maiden pleased him, and she obtained kindness of him; and he speedily gave her her things for purification, with such things as belonged to her, and seven maidens, which were meet to be given her,….  (for so were the days of their purifications accomplished, to wit, six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with sweet odours, and with other things for the purifying of the women;)”

Esther 2:9,12

We all have hopes, dreams and different aspirations. Though we understand that those things won’t come to pass overnight, we still somehow manage to get frustrated during the process of living out that dream or aspiration. We want what we desire, and we want it NOW! Trust me, I know, because I still do that myself for some things. It gets difficult to keep “waiting” until that change comes, but know that it truly isn’t a waste of time. See, you’re not just waiting; you are PREPARING and are being prepared for what you ask for.

Granted, some things in life that happen are NOT what we ask for, but God knows it is needed for us and those around us. Esther, for example, didn’t sit around hoping, dreaming or praying to save her people one day, but the entire duration of her life was preparing her to be used mightily by God. During the time of preparation, it isn’t always rose bushes and sunshine. There are many days/nights that are filled with endless questions, concerns and even doubt. I would imagine that during Esther’s time of preparation to meet with the king she was nervous, concerned and unsure about how things would turnout. Though those things arise, we must remember that where we are in route to that desire, dream or aspiration is being used by God to prepare us for what we asked for according to His purposeful plan for our lives so that we will be ready to receive when God releases it.

Whether you have or are asking God to prepare you to be a wife, mother, of certain professional status or even for a new job, know that you won’t be given something prematurely. If so, you may mismanage it once it’s received. It takes time to build an appreciation and care for things. I know that it is difficult, but trust God to be with you during this time of preparation. Think of the countless blessings that God has given you along the way and even those to come. Most importantly, be reminded daily of the greatest blessing about where you are: it allows you to become closer to Jesus than you once was.

No matter how long your time of preparation is, know that every second of it is indeed necessary for where God is taking you and what He has awaiting you. My prayer is that God helps us to appreciate the process because it isn’t just something to go through, but it is something that we are allowed to GROW through. I pray that God makes our heart tender toward Him in that time, and that He allows us to be strengthened by His Spirit.I pray that we learn to trust God’s judgement for our lives in all things. I pray that while we are in preparation, God opens our eyes to see His hand working all things together for our good regarding His promise. I also pray that God helps us to always ALWAYS remember that He has not forgotten about us, and that He hears every prayer that we lift to Him.


Take time to prepare!
God bless you! ♥

In His Timing — July 12, 2017

In His Timing

“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.”

Ecclesiastes 3:11


I just want to encourage you today to not get discouraged in your season of waiting. Know that God sees you, hears your every word( spoken and unspoken) and He is faithful to meet your need and grant your desires in His timing. I know that it is not always easy trusting God in our time of waiting, but don’t mistake where you are waiting to be your final destination. Know that God will answer that prayer, open/close that door, and move on your behalf.. but in His timing! We may feel that we are ready for something we are asking God for, but He knows us far better than we know ourselves, and He knows when the right time is to move you into that next blessing in your life.

We sometimes get antsy when we see God moving in the lives of those around us, and wonder why God has yet to move for us. Would you like to know something? He is! He is moving and working for you, even though you may not see it or feel it. God is preparing that blessing for you and He is also preparing you for it! So trust where God has you now, and know that the end result of God’s work is always beautiful!

I pray that we understand that God’s timing is best for us, even when we are asking for things sooner than He intends to release them to us. I pray that we trust God’s timing and not persist to have things prematurely. I pray that we don’t grow weary in our time of waiting and know that God is working, even in the silence. I also pray that God strengthens our hearts during this season, so that we may be able to stand tall when God releases His glory in our lives in Jesus name! Don’t be drawn away by lust of the flesh, lust of the eye or the pride of life as we are waiting on the Lord.
God is beautifying you with where you are! ♥


God bless you! ♥