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The other side of this — July 14, 2020

The other side of this

As I was driving to work this morning, this is what I felt the Lord was speaking to my heart about some things that have caused a great deal of hurt and pain to me in the last decade. I pray that what God shared with me will be able to encourage and strengthen you as well. I pray that He will stir up your faith to trust Him with your hurt today. God bless you, beloved.

“Your life is in My hands, and I have a better life on the other side of your pain-if you would only be willing to release it to Me. Yes, it hurt you I know, but it will continue to hurt you if you don’t give it to Me. Give it to me. Put it in My hands. It’s heavy and consuming but My hand is strong enough to hold it, to bear the weight. You can cry it out, scream, talk, or just whisper. Whatever it is you need to do— whatever you feel when you think of or remember those things— do it before Me. I won’t be ashamed of you. I’m not ashamed of you. I’m here. I’m sitting with you through it and no matter how ugly you may feel in that moment, know that your brokenness is beautiful to Me. I’ve made so many beautiful things out of broken things, and I want to do the same with you. You’ll know when it’s fully given to me: because You won’t feel the same things you’ve felt when you think of it. On this side of it, you won’t feel the pain anymore, but you’ll see the strength I gave you to get through it. You’ll see the gift of life I blessed you with instead of doubt. You’ll see my hand lifting you up from that place of brokenness and sorrow. You won’t just have a taste this time; you’ll have the feast of my Full pleasure. This is My will concerning you today, Beloved. Don’t miss your moment. ❤️”


Do You Mind Waiting On God? — August 11, 2017

Do You Mind Waiting On God?

 And it came to pass, that, when Jesus was returned, the people gladly received him: for they were all waiting for him.

Luke 8:40


Waiting can be tough, right? I mean, you just want one thingAnd God is able to do anything….right? We don’t like it when God tells us to wait because we want whatever it is that we want in that very instant, and not a moment later. What if you knew what God has for you was one hundred times better than what you were asking for? Would you wait for it? What if it met every expectation, in fact, exceeded everything you imagined it to be? Would you still want to wait for it? What if you KNEW that it was the absolute BEST that God could do, and He gave His very best to you? It’d make you feel extra special? Loved in the best way possible, right? Would you still be willing to wait for it?

All too often, we rush God’s process because we have our time frame in mind, an invisible deadline for that answered prayer, which limits God in so many ways. We try to force God to give us what we want and for Him to give us His best, all within the matter of minutes( figuratively). Dearest heart, it doesn’t work like that. When we pray, we have to believe that God hears us, but we also have to allow and trust God to answer that prayer in His timing, not ours. God’s timing is not ours, and it will never be.

It can be hard to wait when we know that God has the capacity to do anything and everything by simply thinking of it. I believe that God makes us to wait for something or an answer to our prayer to do a work in us. We don’t know our hearts as God does, nor what lies ahead, so we have to trust that God has a great reason to make us wait.

The process of waiting isn’t a time of idleness, but a time of preparation on God’s end  and ours. That time is allowing God to strengthen you to stand firm against whatever you’re facing today and preparing you for what is to come. God also uses that time to show us our true selves: lack of patience, selfishness, jealousy, frustration and many other things that may dwell within us that we didn’t know was there. In showing us those things about ourselves, God uses that time to highlight the reality that our need of Him is greater than we thought. God refines us in that time, and while He’s refining us, He’s preparing the answer to that prayer we brought before Him. When it’s all said and done, when God returns, He knocks our socks off! Even though it may have seemed like God has walked away and forgot about our request, I promise He hasn’t. He’s heard all we asked, and has worked so diligently to deliver. When God comes back to your request, stand with joy, expectation and excitement, knowing that He has been at work for you! Be open to receive whatever it is that He presents to you, for you’ll see that it was well worth the wait! ♥


Pray this simple prayer today: Lord, as You are having me to wait, help me to trust that You haven’t forgotten about me. Help me to hold on to my faith in You, and to be fully open to receive whatever it is that You present to me. I surrender to You today, Lord. Your will, Your time. Not mine.  Thank you for this time of preparation. Thank you for every lesson You allow me to learn as I wait.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. ♥





God bless you!